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As a world-leading institution, the University fosters dynamic advancement of international initiatives in education and research under an increasingly robust administrative support system inspired by high standards of expertise and professionalism. Faithful to the University's rich traditions and designed to sustain its role as a prominent global knowledge hub, the Kyoto University Basic Concept for Internationalization presents the visions through which the University aims to contribute to a sustainable future for global society.

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Kyoto University nurtures its students to embrace diversity, equips them with globally-valued knowledge and skills, and encourages them to contribute to the development of global society. Try to figure these out before looking at the answers:. Each of the probabilities computed in the previous section e. However, sometimes it is of interest to focus on a particular subset of the population e.

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  2. The Role of Probability.
  3. The Loving Son?

For example, suppose we are interested just in the girls and ask the question, what is the probability of selecting a 9 year old from the sub-population of girls? The conditional probability is computed using the same approach we used to compute unconditional probabilities.

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In this case:. This also means that Thus The universe is viewed as a hierarchically organized organism in which every part reproduces the whole.

The human being is a microcosm small world corresponding rigorously to this macrocosm large world ; the body reproduces the plan of the cosmos. Between humans and the world there exists a system of correspondences and participations that the ritualists, philosophers, alchemists, and physicians have described but certainly not invented.

This originally magical feeling of the integral unity of mankind and the natural order has always characterized the Chinese mentality, and the Daoists especially have elaborated upon it.

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  • The five organs of the body and its orifices and the dispositions , features, and passions of humans correspond to the five directions, the five holy mountains, the sections of the sky, the seasons, and the Five Phases wuxing , which in China are not material but are more like five fundamental phases of any process in space-time. Whoever understands the human experience thus understands the structure of the cosmos.

    The physiologist knows that blood circulates because rivers carry water and that the body has articulations because the ritual year has days. In religious Daoism the interior of the body is inhabited by the same gods as those of the macrocosm. The law of the Dao as natural order refers to the continuous reversion of everything to its starting point.

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    Everything issues from the Dao and ineluctably returns to it; Undifferentiated Unity becomes multiplicity in the movement of the Dao. Life and death are contained in this continuing transformation from Nothing into Something and back to Nothing, but the underlying primordial unity is never lost.

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    • For society, any reform means a type of return to the remote past; civilization is considered a degradation of the natural order, and the ideal is the return to an original purity. For the individual, wisdom is to conform to the rhythm of the cosmos. All parts of the cosmos are attuned in a rhythmical pulsation.