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April 2018

The Bliss Cleanse is so not that. The Bliss Cleanse is designed to help you identify the areas of your life YOU want to improve and then provides you with the tools, guidance and support to allow those changes to naturally happen in your everyday life — during and after the cleanse. I was never hungry in body or spirit, I have a new outlook, and the Bliss Cleanse gave me the inspiration and will power to continue all that I learned long after it is over.

Whether you cleanse on your own or with our groups, you automatically have Lifetime Access to the Bliss Cleanse! That means you can cleanse with us up to 4 times a year — for life! You will leave feeling strong, confident and liberated with a fresh summer glow.

Stress Reducer

We will start at 9am and go until we are finished- approximately an hour and a half. This will be a donation based all levels yoga class with all proceeds going to an ALS organization called Team Gleason. Classes will be held in Town Center stage or lawn depending upon the weather and whether people would like sun or shade.

If it is cold or stormy class will be held at Santosha. Over the past few summers we have offered community yoga classes on the lawn for a different benefit for something in our community each month. When I was thinking about what organization would make sense to support this summer, it seemed obvious that it would be best to support the Robin family anyway we could through our practice.

Mark and Jackie have always been such great supporters of Santosha, coming to class regularly over the years as well as providing their team at the Moose with classes at Santosha ever since we opened our doors. In this way and so many other ways the Robins have been such an awesome part of our community. It has been really beautiful to see so much support and an outpouring of love towards Mark and Jackie and their family in their time of need. I am excited and honored to teach this weekly donation based class to give back to a cause they are behind.

The Robin family along with many other families suffering from ALS have been supported through this great grassroots organization. So after speaking with them about the different organizations that helps to create awareness around this disease and support people through the process, it seemed like the natural choice.

We will explore the subtleties of sound by starting with a listening meditation that then takes us on a journey through a toning exercise where we are able to feel the energy move through our body. This practice will help you establish a joyful home practice of chanting and singing as we experience the true connection between sound and creation. For those with an extensive mantra practice or those brand new to chanting, this workshop will teach you the precise resonance and pronunciation of the sanskrit letters to further deepen or begin a dedicated mantra yoga practice.

Joanna will guide you through several different mantras that will help support you in transforming all areas of of your life, including mantras for abundance, relationships, health and changing the old, negative mental chatter. Change your mind, change your life! Bring if a mala if you have one, if not, there will be beautiful malas from India for sale.

Saturday, July 29th am Sanskrit as the body of sound. Mantra Paru?

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Come and learn that not only do the sounds of sanskrit reflect the chakras, but also represent the primary energies of creation, the 50 marma points in the body and more! Explore this language of creation by learning the 5 mouth placements that will help you pronounce any sanskrit word in the future.

Diving further into the study and practice of sanskrit will help you deepen your experience with mantra and yoga! Joanna has been traveling and teaching yoga since Joanna h as traveled to China and India to study and deepen her own personal practice of qi gong and yoga so that she can continue to expand her offerings for her students. Most recently, Joanna took part in the very first yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound including Sanskrit, mantra, Indian classical vocal meditation, and non-violent communication for everyday life.

3 Fundamentals For Good Health - Isha

She is coming here to Montana to share her passion for this fundamental yoga practice that opens up the inner doorway to true and lasting freedom and bliss. Using the power of our own voice to access these inherent energies of the Universe, we will explore the creative language of sanskrit together and practice mantra yoga together to help establish a daily practice that can truly help transform your life on many levels.

Both safe and effective, it brings balance to the body, mind and soul, and can be practiced by almost anyone, regardless of age, fitness, occupation and experience. It is the ideal form of yoga for people who want both an immediate feel good effect and also the long term benefits of enjoying a relaxed and uplifted consciousness. Regular practice can greatly reduce the time to spiritual awakening. Our meditations and yoga will include techniques that build the electromagnetic field and strength the pranic and radiant bodies.

When these aspects of ourselves are strong, it gives us the depth of body to receive and surrounds us with a magnetism that attracts opportunities through a heart-centered space. Embark on a new journey of self-discovery! For questions contact Jessica Kerr at: It goes right into your heart and extends your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and knowing the truth. A once in a lifetime adventure that will begin with a rare opportunity to view the total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

The trip will begin by flying in to the river corridor on an exclusive charter flight to stay at the luxurious Middle Fork Lodge.

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At the Middle Fork Lodge guests will be treated to one evening, on-river accommodations where you will have a front row seat to witness this rare and amazing solar event. The on-river trip will begin on August 22nd and include 5-nights of on-river camping and adventure centered on an inspirational wellness program.

This Adventure Yoga Retreat will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the supreme beauty of wilderness around us while tuning in to the beauty within us.

A Look at the Benefits of Meditation

Our days will be spent floating through crystal clear whitewater, enjoying healthy organic meals, as well as opening our hearts and our minds through the practice of yoga and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Join us for an amazing week of rafting enhanced with sunrise meditations, yoga, massage and wilderness hikes.

Aside from having an awesome adventure in the wilderness, this is also a time to connect to the pure essence within yourself and incorporate new routines and rituals that will continue to guide you down the path of optimal health and well-being well beyond this inspiring week. Discover, Grow, Learn and Integrate! Contact Callie at callie santoshabigsky. Learn some of the basics of the ancient healing art of Ayurveda and how it pertains to cleansing and tuning into our individual needs during the cleansing process.

The community cleanse is a systematic two week process that utilizes the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in order to help detoxify the body and reboot the digestive system. Going through the process with a community of others also makes it all that much easier to get through it successfully. It is not a time of starvation or deprivation, we eat three or four meals each day and take specific herbs to assist the process of releasing toxins.

30 Goal Ideas To Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

It is designed to be a two week cleanse, but it can be customized to the length of time that you are able to commit to. You do not have to be present to participate, you can participate from a distance. There will also be yoga detox classes offered in combination with The Cleanse in order to assist in the process. What it includes: A brief Ayurvedic assessment, 5 herbal formulas, 7 days of the Ayurvedic cleansing food, a booklet of information on the step by step process of the Fall Cleanse with some recipes, weekly meetings and daily email support through the process.

Early Bird Price through Sept. Help yourself and your loved ones thrive this winter season by learning how to create and apply go-to home remedies for colds and flu season. Please join us for our winter kick off and holiday celebration! We will also be having a Trunk Show with some local vendors to help you get a jump on your holiday shopping.

Excited about the new year and to really be you? To take the path you were meant to follow? To live your life more authentically? No matter what stage you are at in your North Star journey, please join us.

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  • Please bring a pen, a journal and a sense of humor. We are considering a half-day workshop on this topic in the next few months. Britt Ide is happy to be a new resident of Big Sky. It inspired Britt to leave an unsatisfying corporate job over five years ago to create her own business to follow her North Star. This powerful and fun session will be lead by Jackie Rainford Corcoran. Any woman is welcome. Please register at www. Social from and the artistic part will begin at The group is facilitated by Carissa Hill.

    Please contact her with any questions: , or email carissa santoshabigsky. Consciousness transforms into matter in our bodies located at our 7 chakras. Chakras are part of the subtle body and control the transformation of subtle energies from higher dimensions into physical energy. There are many Chakras, located at the junction points of the energy channels nadis of the subtle body. The 7 Chakras located along the spine are considered to be the most important. When the Chakras are blocked or clouded, transformation is blocked, creating disharmony and suffering in our life.

    The ancient Vedic Rishis illustrated a comprehensive painting that defined the creation of the universe. The process of its manifestation from emptiness to the current state of the universe is called Samkhya. Friday: pm Saturday: pm Sunday: am.

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    • My first-ever Manifesting Challenge starts on January 1st!.
    • Pattabhi Jois to Kerala with Lino Miele. His primary influences on the method of practice are within the lineages of Sri T. Kishan has been trained and heavily influenced by Shiva Rea and assisted her internationally for six years. Kishan leads workshops, trainings and retreats worldwide. Born to an Indian father and an American mother, Kishan blends both ancient Eastern and modern Western scientific, cultural and philosophical ideas of spiritual evolution into his practice.

      Drink from the cup of the ancient masters with a 21st century kick.