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In terms of gaming, we maintain partnerships with browser, mobile, and console game companies. The encumbrances of section II nos. The Seller shall make every reasonable effort to assist the buyers in the deletion. Purchase price. EUR , The aforementioned purchase price is due and payable directly to the Seller when the following conditions have been met:. Payment shall only be considered on time if the purchase price has been received in full in the aforementioned account of the Seller.

This duty of cooperation only exists if the following provisions agreed now by the parties are repeated in the deed for the registration of land charges:. This authority only applies if the deed for the registration of land charges is certified or drafted by the official notary, his official deputy or official successor and the provisions agreed in sections a , b , c and d are repeated in the registration deed.

The authority may be exercised before any necessary official approval is granted. Other agreements. Any claims and rights of the Buyers relating to a material defect in the land and the building are excluded. This is also the case for a given surface area of the land and the rooms and for obvious and hidden material. Stoppt das Euro-Desaster! (German Edition) eBook: Max Otte: Kindle Store

This is not the case for claims for compensation for injury to life, body or health if the Seller is responsible for the breach of duty and compensation for other damages due to a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Seller. The Seller ensures that the object of the purchase has permission under planning and building laws for its current use. The Seller undertakes to hand over to the buyer upon conclusion of the purchase agreement the building documents in its possession. The Seller is unaware of any obligations under planning and building laws that have not been met, of harmful soil contamination or other significant defects which are not easily recognisable during an inspection.

The Seller declares that he does not possess an energy certificate for the object of the purchase. The Buyers declare that they have not requested one; they waive their legal right regarding its presentation. Any claims and rights of the Buyers due to easements and building encumbrances that have not been registered are excluded.

The Seller ensures that he has not made any declaration regarding the registration of a public encumbrance in accordance with the Building Code of North Rhine-Westphalia Landesbauordnung NRW The notary has advised the parties that the register of public encumbrances can be viewed beforehand at the municipality or building supervisory authorities. The Seller undertakes to transfer the sold property free from encumbrances and restrictions under civil law that are not taken over as well as from interest, taxes and duties that are not taken over.

This does not apply for the freedom of the object of the purchase from legal preferential purchase rights, acquisition rights and any restrictions regarding changes. The object of the purchase is currently being used by the Seller. The Seller as the Lessee and the Buyers as the Lessor conclude herewith with effect of the transfer of ownership, i.

In this respect only the indirect ownership is transferred to the buyer. As long as the Buyers are the owners of the property, they shall not exercise their right to termination unless there is good cause. The notary advised that existing property insurances and in particular any fire insurance for the building shall be transferred by law with the transfer of all rights and duties to the Buyers.

The Buyers undertake to assume the insurance premiums after the transfer. The Buyers shall be responsible for notifying the insurer. The Seller undertakes to maintain the insurance until the transfer of ownership and to pay the insurance premiums on time. The Seller shall notify the insurance companies of the sale of the object of the purchase immediately in writing. The Seller has the right and obligation to terminate the insurance policies after the transfer of ownership. The Buyers shall be responsible for insuring the object of the purchase from the date of transfer of ownership.

The notary has advised that, irrespective of this agreement, in accordance with the German Federal Building Code Baugesetzbuch the owner of the property at the time the decision regarding the charges was notified is liable to contribution of the charges to the municipality and that the charges payable remain as a public encumbrance on the property.

All release costs related to the land charge that is not taken over shall be borne by the Seller. The Seller has undertaken to pay a one-time verification fee in the amount of 3. The verification fee is due and payable upon completion of this agreement. The Buyers have undertaken to pay a one-time brokerage fee in the amount of 3. The brokerage fee is due and payable upon completion of this agreement.

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The notary has advised of the importance of this clause and in particular that this does not constitute an agreement for the benefit of a third party. This clause was included in this agreement with the consent of the parties. Land register declarations. They consent to and request now that this is deleted at the same time as the transfer of ownership subject to the condition that at this time in sections II and III of the land register no intervening entries have been made in the land register without the consent of the Buyers.

The parties authorise herewith. The land registry does not need to be provided with proof of the conditions of this authority. The authorised persons work under the instruction of the notary and shall not be personally liable. Any liability shall be borne solely by the notary. Approvals, preferential purchase rights, information.

The property is not protected by a preservation order. If a preferential purchase or acquisition right is exercised or an official approval is refused or issued subject to a condition, the decision is to be delivered to the parties themselves, a copy for the notary being requested. For the rest, all of the necessary approvals and declarations which the notary has been instructed to obtain are reserved and shall become effective for all of the parties when they are received by the notary.

If an approval necessary for the agreement is refused or issued subject to a condition, the party adversely affected by this shall have the right to withdraw from this agreement within four weeks of the first official announcement. This transcript was read out to the parties present in the presence of the notary, approved by them and personally signed by them and the notary as follows:. Provisions for rescission.

English translation provided for informational purposes only.

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  • Appendix 2. Lease Agreement for a Commercial Property.

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    Andreas Hennenberg and Mr. Frank Schramek and Mr. Tom Spel. Lease agreement. Purpose of the lease. Approval and change in use. Term of lease, termination. Payment of rent. Rent deposit.

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    No rent deposit is owed by the Lessee. Central heating.

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    The Lessee must run the central heating system at its own cost. Liability disclaimer. Extension, maintenance and use of the leased area. Repairs and structural changes by the Lessor. Lessor access to the leased premises. The Lessor or his representative is allowed to have access to the leased premises at appropriate intervals during normal business hours after giving advance notice.

    Pincha aqui para ver el documento / Click here to view the document

    Installation of machinery, storage of items, parking of vehicles. Arrears, offsetting, reduction. Signs, vending machines, awnings. Clearance of paths. The Lessee is responsible for the winter service. Claims when the lease agreement is terminated. Written form, severability clause. The Lessee and Lessor are willing to conclude a lease agreement for an area of approximately 1, m 2 following project planning by the Lessor for an initial period of between 3 to 5 years.

    Blatt verzeichneten Grundbesitz.