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The fact that I had been born in it was not sufficient to prove its existence…. How can one demand of a shadow that he describe the image of a shadow town? I was accordingly ill-disposed toward my endeavor. First they had receded, but now they returned again. I listened a long time, hour after hour, but there was not much to hear, due to the refrigerator noise—a central, recurring motif brought to me by the run-down things of the twentieth century—which constantly drowned everything out.

And the light began to flicker, for seconds at a time, each time the refrigerator switched itself on. However frightful the deluge of refrigerator noise: I seemed to keep hearing those hasty steps out on the street. From the moment I arrived in M. I was unable to escape the thought. The door to the next room, with the street window, stood ajar, and I heard the clatter and shuffle of well-worn shoes on the crooked stones of the sidewalk.

After a while the single steps returned, and sometimes they strayed into the yard, sometimes coming right beneath the two kitchen windows between which I sat, listening in horror.

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In a moment I could expect him to call my name… I stood up and extinguished the light. The whole thing repeated until my thoughts were in tatters: that crackling and flaring, and then again the slackening steps, once it had grown still. Two Lines Press.

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Additional Information. ISBN: Wolfgang Hilbig. Wolfgang Hilbig — was one of the major German writers to emerge in the postwar era. In the summer of , we filmed application training—courses that teach you how to apply for a job. We filmed long-term unemployed people who the welfare office had forced to participate; and we filmed managers with ,mark salaries who hired private coaches in the same way that the free citizens of Athens received rhetorical instruction from house slaves.

An inevitable element in this world of schooling, retraining, and risk management negotiations—in workshops, staff retreats, and conflict-resolution seminars—is the flipchart. The flipchart is a sad, unsightly testament to contemporary existence and its work modes; it documents quiet dramas, the silent failures of countless useless business ventures and probably fortuitously unrealized management ideas; it is a performative tool of neoliberal self-expression.

The owner cannot rise above them. His own wall blocks his view of the rest of society. A picture is not enough, by the way. You have to take two pictures of everything. Things move so much that it takes at least two pictures to capture the direction of the movement. This passage is also from the film Between Two Wars , and comments on a tracking shot along a factory wall. Many years later, in the course of preparations for his Documenta contribution Deep Play , Farocki told us how complicated the research for the work had been, how uncooperative corporations and institutions were.

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The lack of secrets was the secret. We wrote each other a lot over the years—mostly emails, but sometimes letters too. If it was really important but there was no time to send a letter, and an email seemed inappropriately disdainful, we made use of a special method, or gesture, invented by Farocki—a way of returning to the letter form within the confines of a profane email.

He sent the letter as an attachment, while the body of the email remained empty. However, things turned out differently, he said. We spoke about Marey, about his recordings for deaf-mutes—a man moves his lips silently saying, Bonjour Madame, Bonjour. The ball is round. I took notes of our conversation, as I often did when we met and spoke in depth. Among other things, Parallel deals with the relationship of digital models to cinematic images. One sees how clouds are constructed digitally, and then the picture cuts to real cloud formations.

Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald

Black and white flickering, old film material, a beach, dunes, the sky—the picture is a bit sped-up, in my memory—a sky from the previous century, not yet inhabited by drones. I always wanted to ask Harun what film that beautiful excerpt is from. And I kept forgetting. That, and many other questions, I will now have to answer myself. I learned from HF how to sometimes see the world through his eyes; his films make that possible.

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His eye was sharp and inquiring; and even if it was ironic, it remained full of respect and genuine interest for his subject. Above all, it was full of warmth.

Sämtliche Werke - Band V/1 Erzählungen

Even the protagonists of Nothing Ventured Nicht ohne Risiko, are deeply moving. Click to start a discussion of the article above. Die Filme von Harun Farocki eds. For the haus. Harun Farocki in Fate of Alien Modes , ed. Subscription pending.

The mad square - modernity in German art 1910–37

Your email subscription is almost complete. An email has been sent to the email address you entered. In this email is a confirmation link. Please click on this link to confirm your subscription. Journal Clapping the Board A simple lesson I learned from Harun Farocki: on set, you can clap the clapboard quietly too. Today I understand what Farocki liked about it. Harun Farocki, Between Two Wars , Film still, black-and-white 16mm, 83'. Production still, 87'. Film still, 87'. Film still, black and white 35mm, 80'.

Download PDF. Organized in collaboration with Antje Ehmann and Doreen Mende, this issue of e-flux journal pays tribute to Harun Farocki January 9, —July 30, with a series of essays and reflections on his work and life by friends, collaborators, film scholars, and admirers. Those who knew Harun personally remember not only the epic influence of his work, but also his generosity as a friend and collaborator.

Prehistoric Times. A Modern Enigma

As for us, we have never before dedicated a full issue of e-flux journal to a single Kodwo Eshun. Watching the artificial waves breaking on the mechanical shore in Images of the World and the Inscription of War prompted a question: Why did I, together with Anjalika Sagar, under the name of The Otolith Group, have to travel to Cinema Empire Sofil in Achrafieh, Beirut, in order to see nine Farocki films for the first time?

The experience of being Ruchir Joshi. What if sounds and images were food, the raw material of a meal? Could one then think of ideas as the spices one adds to the food material? And the structure of the audio-visual as the cooking medium that brings everything together?

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  6. Or one could flip it around. We had gotten used to speaking to each other in English or French, whether in public or private. He loved punch lines. He quoted gladly, exactly, and without any smugness. He would often ask me about the origin of some French word that had struck him in the course of his unceasing explorations. Austrian idioms, though, remained foreign to him, even in all those years he taught in Vienna. He never ceased to be repelled by the James Benning. Harun Farocki was a thoughtful man.

    For me he made sense of things.