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In their study, published in the journal Ethology, the researchers found that In the past, it was claimed that penguins could not discern between the sexes because they looked alike. However, Professor Dobson debunked this theory when his results did not meet "random" projections. Of the displaying pairs, he observed, only two bonded: "Among 75 bonded pairs, we found one male-male pair and one female-female pair that had learned the song of their partner.

But, bonded pairs can split up if one finds a more preferred partner," Professor Dobson explained.

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The four homosexually-bonded penguins were later observed raising eggs in the breeding colony, suggesting they had left their same-sex partners and formed heterosexual bonds. The primary aim of the study in Kerguelen was to record patterns in penguin attraction in order to understand the subtleties of their appearances. Researchers recorded the condition of the penguins to gauge their age and relative experience but found no similarity of characteristics amongst the homosexually displaying birds.

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The evidence showed that the displays were not limited to young or inexperienced birds who were displaying to same-sex partners by mistake. Professor Dobson theorised that an excess of males in the colony 1.

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He also pointed to previous findings that male king penguins returned from the sea with high levels of testosterone, making them highly motivated to display. King penguins are second only in size to emperor penguins, standing at up to one metre tall with both males and females sporting recognisable yellow breast and orange beak and ear patches.

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The flightless birds do not nest but take care of eggs and chicks on their feet, meaning breeding colonies are mobile. This movement raises the importance of communication between partners who cannot rely on recognising a location to find their family. Search term:. MohsenLorestani , a Kurdish singer from Kermanshah , has been charged with "corruption on earth" in a public complaint.

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Well known Iranian Kurdish singer, Mohsen Lorestani was charged with "corruption on earth" by a court in Tehran for posting "immoral" content on social media. Jerusalem Post Middle East. By Benjamin Weinthal.

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Share on facebook Share on twitter. Related Content. November 9, Philippines grant Iranian beauty queen asylum following extradition request.

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