Manual How to Enjoy God and How to Practice the Enjoyment of God

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They alone can understand it who practice it and savor it. We can learn to enjoy God by becoming aware that everything is a gift.

10 Ways to Enjoy God More Today

By praying about everything because only when we leave the past mistakes and our future problems to God we can live fully in the present moment. I know it is difficult. But it is the only way we can truly enjoy God and life. Because these well-lived now-moments will also make a peace-filled past and open up a blessed future. God wants to enable us to continually live in his presence. The more we consciously practice enjoying God, the more natural it becomes.

Psalm , MSG. Enjoying God is one of the biggest blessings in our lives. Because when we learn to see God in ordinary, we will begin to trust God also in extraordinary.

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Nothing better in the whole wide world. Gracious God, We want to enjoy you more and more. Enable us to continually live in your presence. Show us how to live fully in the moment. Help us to be aware of you in ordinary, open our eyes to see you also in extraordinary.

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Some may consider the thought of enjoying God to be unusual, but the Bible clearly says that we can taste God. Psalm says that we should taste and see that Jehovah is good. The Lord Jesus also said that He is our food; He is the bread of life. Because food is an enjoyment to us, His being food and bread must mean that He can be enjoyed by us. A sweet thought recorded in the Word of God is that God is not only near us but that He has even given Himself to us to be our enjoyment.

This shows the intimate relationship God has with us. When we enjoy our meals, the food we eat enters into us and becomes a part of us. Before we eat, the food is not a part of us, but after we take it in, it becomes our nutritional supply and strength. In addition, after passing through a process of metabolism, it becomes our inward element.

The food we eat becomes a part of us, and we live by it.

The relationship between food and our physical body is similar to the relationship between God and our entire being. God, however, is not merely a Shepherd who leads us, protects us, and cares for us. God is more intimate than a shepherd. If He were merely a shepherd, He could care for us and shepherd us only in an outward way; He would be unable to enter into us to become a part of us. He could not become us.

However, the Bible shows that God gives Himself to us for our enjoyment and works Himself into us. He can enter into us to be our life, our strength, our food, and our living water. He can meet the need of every part of our being. Those who have experienced God know that He is truly our enjoyment. We can enjoy God in His sovereign arrangements and provisions, and we can enjoy Him as the varied supply to our inward being.

Man is composed of a spirit within, a body without, and a soul between his spirit and body. When God is within us, He can supply the needs of our spirit, soul, and body. God can satisfy the needs of our spirit by supplying us from within our spirit. He can satisfy the needs of our soul, or our psyche, from within our soul. He can also satisfy the needs of our body by supplying us in our body.

Although our God is invisible, untouchable, and intangible, those who have experienced God can testify that they enjoy Him in their spirit, in their soul, and even in their body. What a glorious blessing this is! Since God is so intimately related to us, the Bible uses many ways to describe and illustrate our enjoyment of God.

Let us briefly consider some of them. God is our life.

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Immediately after creating man in Genesis, God placed man in front of the tree of life At the end of Revelation the tree of life is still present The tree of life signifies God Himself. God is the source of life. When God says that He wants man to come to the tree of life, He means that He wants man to touch Him. God wants to enter into man to be his life.


Life is something very close and crucial to man. It can even be said that life is man himself. Without life it is impossible for man to be a man. Hence, we can say boldly that if a person does not have God within him as life, he has not come up to the standard of a human being. The life a person has determines the kind of person he is.

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Those with a lower life are lower, and those with a higher life are higher. The life we possess in our natural constitution, our natural life, is a lower life; it is impossible for us to be a higher person with only this life. In order to be a higher person, we must have a higher kind of life. Hence, it is impossible for anyone to be a higher person if he does not receive God as the highest life.

A higher kind of man is noble, holy, loving, and patient, possessing no meanness or pettiness in his heart. In order to be unlimitedly high, a person must receive the unlimited God as the highest life. When the infinite God enters into us and becomes the highest life within us, we become persons of an infinitely high standard.

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We can love what others cannot love, we can endure what others cannot endure, and we can forgive what others cannot forgive. We possess a nobleness and a holiness that no mere human being possesses. Everyone who has the life of God can be unlimitedly high. A person who has God as his life should have a standard that is infinitely high. While others may say that a certain matter is overwhelming, those with God as their life can bear it joyfully.

When others find a matter intolerable, those with God can gladly and willingly tolerate it. A person with God is a high person, an unlimited person. It is impossible to attain to this high living with only the natural life that man possesses. This highest life is the immeasurably high God Himself.

Do We Have to Enjoy God to Believe?

He is life, and He is also the source of life. He not only dispenses His life into us but also enters into us to be our very life. He does not enter into us to be our life in small increments. On the contrary, He has fully entered into us.