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This was a really fun book in which a modern woman is brought back in time by a ghost to help his family and while she is in the past she meets the live him. This book is full of interesting characters and a well written plot that is full of surprises and will keep you captivated until the very end.

Josie Drummond finds herself not only hired by a ghost, but as part of her work, taking a trip back in time to prevent her employer, Deverell Thornton, the Ninth Earl of Waite, from meeting with a ruinous event. A modern woman in the Regency era is somewhat of a fish out of water, but with the help of Deverell the ghost and her own wits, she manages. She also begins to fall in love with the living man, Dev, who is in his own way as charming as the ghost he will become.

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Romance might be the angle she would like best to pursue, but there are mysteries to solve, a fraud to unmask, and she does need to decide which version of the Earl of Waite she belongs with, all before Deverell's power is exhausted and she has no hope of ever returning home. Brown gives her readers a fascinating story filled with twists and surprises, particularly the startling ending. Josie's love triangle is perhaps the one that of all literary triangles can be considered truly unique.

How many people fall in love with the same man, but have to choose which version of him to be with? Though this is clearly a satisfyingly complete tale that leaves little to no room for it to become a series, readers will want to keep their eye out for more from this talented author, at least this one shall.

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Time Travel at Its Best! Published by Thriftbooks. I really didn't care how authentic facts relating to the Regency period were, I liked the book for pure entertainment. I liked the plot and the characters. I don't particularly like "period" or "historical romances", but I do like the premise of time travel.

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I just enjoyed this book, the story and the characters. I really couldn't predict how the book would end and was actually in suspense as it neared the end! If you like ghosts, historical romance, time travel and great characters - pick up this book. An American ghostbuster finds herself confronted by a early ghost who wants her time travel with him. He wants her to prove the gypsy that has stealing from his mother that she is a fake.

She does not think time travel is real but is willing to spend time with the handsome ghost for scientific purposes. This book was excellent! A woman travels to the Regency period to prevent a crime Published by Thriftbooks. Despite the rather unwieldy title, this book is a really enjoyable read as we follow Josie Drummond back in time to solve a puzzle in England in She is working in England as a paranormal investigator in modern times when she meets the resident ghost of Castle Waite, Deverell Thornton, the ninth Earl of Waite, who asks her to go back in time with him to prevent his mother being defrauded by a gypsy and losing the family's money.

This event contributed to the severe financial straits of his one remaining relative, Amelia Waite - it seems that the house is falling into rack and ruin in modern times because of a lack of money. Of course Josie needs lots of education in how to behave as a young single woman in the Regency period and Deverell and Amelia help with this. Then she is transported to and meets Dev's mother Honoria and some other house guests, including the gypsy, but - unfortunately - also the flesh and blood Deverell who is dangerously charming. She and the Regency Deverell work to find out who the gypsy is and, helped by the ghost Deverell, Josie tries to change the events of the future.

However with the ghost running out of energy which would strand her in the Regency period, and with her attraction to the Deverell of , Josie's task is getting harder.

Will she be able to leave the Regency period after all? The descriptions of mealtimes, clothing, dancing and etiquette in the Regency period were fascinating. It all seemed reasonably accurate but I was a little dubious about some facts for example, it was discussed whether an Earl who is the younger son of a Duke is lower in the pecking order than an Earl who is the eldest son of a Marquis - but younger sons of Dukes don't inherit titles in the UK and this meant that I wasn't entirely sure if what I was reading was fully correct.


This is always disappointing in historical fiction but I gave the author the benefit of the doubt in most cases and enjoyed all the little touches of information that she shared, such as the way that women wore gloves. There are a few unfortunate errors in the UK setting of the book; for example, we are told about the 'Albert and Victoria Museum' which is of course the Victoria and Albert Museum , English Regency people using American words such as 'nixed' and someone eating 'biscuits' with her egg and bacon at breakfast in 'biscuits' in English are equivalent to the American cookies, and breakfasts were usually ham or beef and ale rather than bacon and eggs.

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The point of view of the narration occasionally jumps from Josie to Dev for a couple of paragraphs and then back again and that can be confusing as it's not always clear initially who is narrating. However despite these few reservations this was a very enjoyable read with Josie a feisty and independent character and Deverell the ghost and Deverell the man both also very appealing.

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It was enjoyable to read a book with a mystery plot that wasn't lost behind the romantic part of the. Without proof that the ghost of her notorious relative Lord Deverell Thornton haunts the castle, she won't be able to attract the tourist revenue she needs to restore her home to its former glory. Deverell Thornton himself does not share Amelia's sense of impending doom.

Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake

As the current resident ghost of Castle Waite, Deverell is even more determined than Amelia to preserve their heritage. Now that he's certain of Miss Drummond's honesty, as well as her tenacity as a paranormal investigator, he decides to reveal himself - and then proceeds to smoothly convince Josie to travel back in time with him to unmask the charlatans who swindled his mother out of a fortune in jewels. O nce Josie recovers from the shock of discovering that ghosts actually do exist - and that time travel is indeed possible, she readily agrees to Deverell's proposal. However, all the tutoring in the world doesn't prepare her for actually living the strictured life of a Regency Miss.

Things become even more complex once she meets the flesh and blood version of Lord Deverell Thornton and finds herself falling under the accomplished rake's seductive spell. Will she be able to convince him that his mother is being taken advantage of before Josie must return to her own time - or before she and Dev's interference irrevocably changes history? H undreds of Years to Reform a Rake is a fresh, engaging and thoroughly modern Regency romance.