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    Ciencias Humanas ePub. Barco de Vapor Azul Download. Punt i seguit. Read Algun dia PDF. Read Alma y Materia. This study seeks to make advances in this direction, seeing motor play as one of the principal educational tools available to the physical education teacher Lagardera, ; Lavega, University sports science students should know that through motor play, physical education PE can originate an extraordinary impact on the development of the students' personalities. Modern PE abandons traditional mechanistic conceptions, where education in decontextualised motor skills lacking any meaning reigns Ennis, ; Parlebas, According to the BOE State Gazette , PE should contribute to the development of educational skills in such necessary areas as emotional wellbeing.

    Consequently, one of the first issues to tackle is the knowledge of the educational effects that may be caused by the different types of motor play e. Scientific advances in different areas of knowledge note the importance that should be given to affectivity in schools, often marginalised by traditional educational trends that promote memory-based and analytical learning as opposed to creative and sensorial learning e.

    In this way, PE is seen as education in motor behaviours, where it is possible to educate and impact on the different dimensions of the student's personality Lagardera, Consequently, PE plays a relevant role by acting in a trans-disciplinary way on the acquisition of key skills for life in society Parlebas, In this new approach to PE, as well as knowing these basic life skills, the teacher must master the specific skills of the field of PE.

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    The expertise of the PE educator could be distilled into the ability to apply the different types of play correctly with the aim of educating the motor behaviours of their students Lavega, To achieve this, motor action theory Parlebas, identifies two main families of motor experiences or motor action domains : psychomotor games and sociomotor games. Psychomotor games are practices with no motor interaction, where the person tests themselves to overcome the motor challenge posed, with no one helping them or hindering them in motor terms Parlebas, ; it is a scenario that places the student in a material environment, where the difficulty lies in running distances, overcoming obstacles, controlling their body in unusual situations or handling objects.

    By contrast, through sociomotor games, the students have social experiences of a social nature as any motor response involves an instrumental motor interaction, corresponding to overcoming a challenge with team-mates cooperative domain , opponents opposition domain or team-mates and opponents cooperation-opposition domain Etxebeste, Of the various motor action domains of a sociomotor nature, cooperation merits special attention.

    Another aspect that is very often present in the traditional PE focus has been an inadequate use of competition, i.

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    The internal logic of competitive motor games requires participants to manage the emotional outburst caused by this competitive confrontation Bisquerra, ; Parlebas, , which provokes a difference in the emotional difference between winners and losers Lavega et al.

    If the students do not have options to taste victory once in a while, it is probable that this motor experience will not contribute to positively educating their affective wellbeing Parlebas, It is possible that students do not share the same type of motivation towards competition intrinsic or task-oriented motivation, or extrinsic or ego- or result-oriented motivation Cumming et al. Previous studies have noted that by participating in different types of games, men experience more intense emotions compared with women Lavega et al.

    This emotional behaviour is accentuated when losing in competitive games, where men express more intense negative emotions than women do Lavega et al. Learning to share motor relations in different types of games and to accept the result of success or failure in competitive games is a good way for boys and girls to learn to live together in a climate of affective wellbeing Smith et al.

    Based on the theoretical frame of reference, this research examined the effect of the variables of motor action domain psychomotor and cooperative play , competition games with and without competition , gender men and women ; student grouping groups of the same gender or mixed groups on the different mood states, and the start-end of the session pre-test, post-test distilled in the factors identified by the Profile of Moods State POMS instrument: Overall Score; Stress-Anxiety, Depression-Dejection, Anger-Hostility, Fatigue-Immobility and Vigour-Activity.

    In light of the findings of previous research in relation to the effect of the variables studied on emotional experience e. Lavega et al. This study followed a quasi-experimental design, as the sample was selected intentionally not randomly. It was an educational experience that was conducted in the area of higher education with first-year students on a sports sciences degree course. These were students studying the INEFC University of Lleida motor game theory and practice subject during the and academic years, 75 men Of these participants, Before the start of the sessions, all the participants gave their consent to participate voluntarily in this emotional physical education educational experience.

    In addition, the research was approved by the University of Lleida Ethics Committee. An initial training session was held to explain the conditions of participation and to introduce POMS. In the data collection phase, the students took part in sixteen games four games per session divided over four sessions, two with psychomotor games and two with cooperative games, which in turn had a session with competition they won or lost and another without any competition nobody lost, there was no final score.

    The sessions lasted 1. The teacher only intervened to explain the games and answer any queries about the rules maintaining the same type of interaction with the different groups of students. Nowhere was there any type of emotional stimulation shown encouragement in the face of failure or praise for success , so as not to condition their affective answers. After an initial warm-up which was always the same for every session , the people taking part completed the POMS questionnaire pretest.

    At the end of the fourth game in each session, they answered the same questionnaire again post-test. After this, the questionnaires were collected and the session and the type of mood states they had experienced were discussed.

    Alejandra Huerta - Inteligencia Emocional

    The data were analysed following a generalised linear model based on generalised estimating equations GEE , interchangeable correlation Gaussian family, because the data of the variable dependent on mood states did not follow a normal distribution according to the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and they were also correlated variables since everyone supplied us with a large amount of data.

    The results of the interactions between the variables were accompanied by the size of the effect based on Cohen's d, adapted by Wolf for repeated measurements. The effects of five independent variables were studied: a the type of motor interaction psychomotor games, cooperative games ; b result with competition, without competition ; c the session phase start or pre-test, end or post-test ; c gender female, male ; and d gender grouping same gender group, mixed gender group regarding the intensity of the dependent variables relating to the six mood state factors MS : MS Negative : Overall Score OS ; Stress-Anxiety SA , Depression-Dejection DD , Anger-Hostility AH , Fatigue-Immobility FI , and MS positive : Vigour-Activity VA.

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    SPSS v. It was decided to describe the results according to the effect on the different mood states factors dependent variable of each of the independent variables: a type of game psychomotor and cooperation ; b competition with or without competition ; c the session phase start or pre-test and end or post-test ; d gender female and male ; and e gender grouping same gender, mixed gender Table 1.

    However, at the end, increases to FI and OS in psychomotor games were observed compared with cooperation games Table 2.