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Otherwise, she helps around her father's bar when home or around the house when not working, spending time with her friends while at the bar. Cassandra was always the nosy student throughout the years, though her first few she was trying to find her footing. Cassie would tag along with the older students, trying to be with the popular crowds and fit in, though most normally shoved her aside, not wanting her to participate in their mischief or more adult hangouts. This led to her habit of snooping, following others and sneaking in small spaces, listening quietly and never saying a word.

She'd write it all in her memory journals and has several books of secrets of the schools, though she leaves her older books at home with her family, each with locks on them. Cassandra cannot fly, no matter how many times she tries. Bad experiences from being bucked six feet across the yard, or somehow trapped up on the roof of the castle, Cassie's always grumbled over it, and if offered as the only means of transport, she might drag her feet and have a minor tantrum.. Cassandra started out in full swing as she always did, immediately picking friends and enemies with er reporting.

With the hag reports going around, it was her new found mission to figure out who the hag was, resulting in her constantly sneaking out around the school and trying to figure out where the hag might be hiding. It was in November when she finally gave up her search, and the day after, she got attacked.

She has a horrible sleeping pattern ever since the attack, resulting in a slight neuroticism of writing, pacing, restless sleep, and the urge to go walking and confront the hag, her fears long gone of her. She has pieced together now that the hag may not actually be a hag, and is trying to break down more and more of the story to see what the final result is. Over the years, many dramatics have happened, including finding out who the Hag of Crowscreep really was, and introducing the Dark Wizard into her and many other's lives. Along with this, Cassie dealt with many basic school drama.

Mischief Mismanaged

Love break ups, worrying over grades, her troubles wih her memories. Her biggest relief was the summer day she'd unblocked the memory of her brother, though it started out with vomit over the thoughts, it helping cassie finally start to process memories and recollections easier, but not perfectly. After getting not so great O. She is currently tracking down all the professors to as for remedial lessons, going to all the study sessions, and even tries to push her fellow housemates to do their homework so she can get help with hers.

Cassie was always the school gossip, causing drama, spreading rumors, and planting words in others. Occasionally Cassie will be standing around, spacing out. If she ever passes out, collapses, or for any reason, goes unconscious, she will normally lose her whole day, or the last time she journaled something. Whenever someone asks "How is Cassie Head Girl?

Many believe that Cassie only received her prefect badge her sixth year to keep her out of trouble.

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

Some do actually see right and reason for the girl's power. Ignoring most dresscode and curfew, Cassie does treat her badge seriously. It's her best connection with reaching professors, taking care of younger students, and breaking up fights. The prefect bath is a nice perk as well.

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Leader and Editor in Chief, the Owl Post is her baby. She loves those that come and help out and constantly strives to put forth strong articles, silently disappointed when it's filler or something that goes against her beliefs. She's currently taken a step back from the post, letting Saffron Foxclaw cover for her. She loves her paper, but too many issues have kept her from enjoying writing and supporting it as much as she used to.

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She mainly does photography and helps the other writers and contributors with their articles, instead of anything in the spotlight. She'll be leaving it soon with graduation approaching, though Cassie is sure that the Owl Post is in good hands, Having Saffron take it over soon. Cassie is rather odd looking, her green eyes brighter than most, her clothing style ranging from tom boy laziness to preppy and tight fitting. She used to have dyed red hair but now currently its a chocolate brown. She'll cut and grow it every other week, always fickle about her looks and appearance.

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She's rather short, at a total of 5'2 and though she's skinny, she's nearly all muscle from constantly working out and being active,though she's rather clumsy. She'll often make grotesque faces back at them in response. Sounds: Bristolian accent, practiced to sound Oxfordian.

Only has her natural tone around friends or when she's happy or scared. She loves to sing, well practiced and is a meszo soprano, though her talking voice is a gentle alto. Those who see her know she is constantly squirming, moving, writhing, unable to keep still. Sounds: Her voice is practiced and well trained for a posh teenager, Using well rounded constants and accents on words.

When she is in a great mood, her voice is nearly chime like and melodic, almost as if she is singing what she speaks. Whenever put in a situation where Cassie needs to sound professional, she speaks with almost a snobby rehearsed drawl, Speaking more like a reporter than a 18 year old girl. She's getting better about recollecting her memories, but is often seen spacing out, her gaze glazing over at times, or forgetting where she was going. She's a lot better about it, and tries to work hard to keep up with others, or is constantly journaling to never forget, just in case.

Cassie has been studying the procedures for becoming a Legal animagus for years, from hours on end of studying, practicing on her own in transfigurations, and her meditations she does as well for Apparaitions. Currently, she has only been able to produce feathers in a botched attempt, giving her a clue of what her final form will be, eventually becoming a blue and white tailed Parrot. She's finally had one successful change, and used it to sit atop the castle roof.

Cassie as of Spring of , can legally apparate where she pleases, after passing a test by Professor Rae Auroline. Oak, 7. Her father let her get an Ivy trim on the handle for her 15th birthday. She owns more quills than the hogsmeade shoppes. Due to Cassie's odd memory problem, She always keep a memory journal in her shirt, in her pants pocket, or in her boots. She will have an anxiety attack if it's ever lost. Cassie has gone through well over books in her life of writing. Cassie's best friend, Girlfriend , one of the loves of her lives.

She would do anything for this girl, always and forever. She loves seeing Briony relax around her more than she might with others, and after years of friendship, Briony left a kiss on Cassie, starting an awkward at first, turned into an amazing relationship, a trio with Upton as well. Cassie probably spoils her the most, constantly sending gifts, care packages, and trying to take Briony on dates. Cassie's other best friend.

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They both seem to love acting out together, always jumping or pushing on each other, rumoring into many thinking they were dating. Cassie will always have his back, no matter what situation he is in, her loyalty in Zero and Briony stronger than anyone else in the school. They have stopped each other from making dumb mistakes, helped have fun ones, and she would do anything for him and Briony, no matter what. They're best friends and inseparable in their trio with briony, though Upton is Cassie's closest confidant and means everything to her.

Having the most rocky relationship in the world, Cassie and Ecko remain friends, though tension has risen a few times both romantically and in a fighting sense. They both love dueling together, talking about life and animals, or making s'mores. Recent events have caused them to have an awkward freeze in their relationship, making Cassie unsure on how to approach him.

The wicked Hufflepuff, that Cassie adores. She loves testing him or getting the normally scowling boy to smile, and has been seen letting him off the hook without punishment when found, him fighting two others in his house.

She was also his first kiss and they do joke often. The Prat. He was someone Cassie avoided for several days, constantly asking her out or being far too full of himself. After an odd date, finally, she seems okay with him. She'll still get into a heated argument over anything that challenges her liberal ways, but has appreciated his presence and slight support lately, and now considers him a good friend.

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Her newest most closest best friend. Now editor in chief of the owl post for Cassie, as well as co prefect, she is constantly seen with the ginger, and now normally keeps a few extra snacks in her bag, for both Briony and Saffron They've now become best friends, and saff will be taking over the owl post once cassie's graduated, while they both have a new member take Saffron's spot as well. Someone Cassie instantly clicked with, and all thanks to a tumble down the stairs with Upton Zero.

She thinks Aria is rather cute and funny, already seeing potential i being close friends. Cassie does try to help Aria with her veela crush and drooling, occasionally having to distract her or cover the girl's eyes.

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Cassie's old close friend and head trouble maker, now graduated. Also Cassie's first kiss while on a Euphoria potion. They used to host weekend parties in secret locations once a week, as long as another party isn't planned. Cassie's now ex boyfriend. They were together several months, it then becoming off and on after a break up through jealousy. They still try to remain good friends, though there is always slight awkward tension. She honestly just hopes he'll find happiness either way.

They first got to know each other romantically at a campfire party, he then asking Cassie to the winter ball. She awkwardly accepted after first denying him and they'd been inseparable for several months. It was when he started getting jealous over Upton Zero and cassie's closeness that they started to fight more over his jealousy. At first, Cassie broke up with CJ, and CJ even had to leave school for a little while to recover from what she believed to be depression over the scene.

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