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But the real piss-your-pants shocker was realizing that it may be too late to put the hounds of hell back on a leash. What if, in other words, climate dystopia is not a cautionary fantasy but a baked-in reality towards which humanity is hurtling with blithe abandon?

  • "oh shit!" in Italian.
  • The Robber with a Witchs Head: More Stories from the Great Treasury of Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales Collected by Laura Gonzenbach;
  • "oh shit!" translation into Italian.

What am I talking about? That means that even if we were to shut down every mechanical source of CO2 on the planet tomorrow, the WAIS will dwindle until it vanishes, lifting sea levels by several meters.

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  2. The anti-gravity space?
  3. Every Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen Your Soul.
  4. Bye-bye Bangladesh, along with every other low-lying mega-delta teaming with human beings and the crops that barely feed them. Hello storm surges that will make Sandy look like a windy high-tide. There will be some climate justice: Florida will go from well-hung to pencil dick, an entire coastline of reckless development erased.

    Oh Sh*t, What Now?: Craig Oldham’s Brilliantly BS-free Guide to Getting into The Industry™

    Sub-Arctic temperatures rising twice as fast as the global average have already started to unearth this toxic buried treasure, and — beyond a certain point — there will be no way to stop it. Of course. That was close. Maybe you do. Survival instinct kicks instantly into high gear when one faces a charging rhino or a tweaker waving a Glock. But, paradoxically, humans have a proven penchant for ignoring deadly threats that do not require immediate attention, e.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    The folks in the know — green NGOs, big-league carbon polluters, climate scientists — are all unwilling, each group for its own reasons, to raise a five-bell, DEFCON 1 alarm. They went all-in and lost, and have been afraid ever since of sounding shrill. Call it the Chicken Little syndrome.

    Carbon profiteers, of course, have every reason to downplay the threat. Add a Comment.

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    The anti-gravity space

    Advice Animals. Descriptive Noise.

    As someone who doesn't have a ticket yet, my personal response to this news was "fuck's sake", but only because that booking is so ridiculously good. When Glastonbury say "Legends", they're not messing. Previous Legends sets have included last year's performer, Kylie Minogue, as well as Dolly Parton and Shirley Bassey, all of whom have gone on to be lauded as highlights of the weekend.