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The deceased's body was now represented by the coffin as it held a shape and was decorated with features that resembled the individual inside it. In early periods, the body would have laid promptly on their side with their head directed to the south. This later shifted and with the body flat on its back, the north became a more favorable position for the dead's head to lie.

Mummification was a practice that the ancient Egyptians adopted because they believed that the body needed to be preserved in order for the dead to be reborn in the afterlife.

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The body was dismembered and wrapped in bandages to safeguard it, if the soul decided to return. To many Egyptians the tomb was seen as a home for the dead, so it was customary to leave offerings near the body of the deceased. This life force was called the Ka , and was consider to be one part of what the Egyptian believed to be the immortal soul.

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The Ba was another part of the soul that had increased mobility and dwelled within the Ka. However, the most important offering was food, [17] because even though the Ka was separated from the body it could still starve. Ancient Egyptians theorized the passage to the afterlife in a series of stages. The first phase was believed to encompass the vehicle of transportation, which would eventually direct their departed souls to immortality.

Individuals were subjected to a multitude of passages; but the choice of route was not theirs, it was dependent on their status. The aspect that was most universally influential in determining what passage was taken was one's position among their leaders. Despite the differences between voyagers, beliefs concerning the afterlife are astronomically reliant on religious ideologies. For example, early people often used religion to understand and comprehend, as well as relate to natural occurrences since science had not yet defined everyday incidents. To demonstrate, there was no justification for the sun's orbit, so religious myths redefined and answered the questions prehistoric people had.

Yet, since natural incidences were explained by religious beliefs, other realms of creed mimicked the natural patterns of life.

For instance, the general ideology associated with the path to the underworld was believed that as night overshadowed the land, the deceased would begin their journey. And with the rising of the sun, a new day was not only thought to have begun, but a new life as well.

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Boat passages to the underworld were strictly reserved for pharaohs who had died. The Egyptian sun god, Ra , was believed to travel to the underworld by boat as the sun set. As a way to mimic Ra's daily expedition, the ancient people of Egypt would construct model boats, ranging in many sizes in which they would bury alongside their Pharaohs.

For example, next to the Pyramid of Khufu , researchers uncovered a boat the size of traditional ships, which displayed not only the extreme devotion Egyptians had for their leader, but their dedication to obtaining eternity for all.

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In other words, a great deal of the requirements for the deceased to properly reach the underworld rested on the living. In order for Pharaohs to arrive at their final destination, his people had to construct a variety of boats to ensure his departure. As a result, communities had to come together to support each other, otherwise their perspective of immortality, as well as their beliefs would end indefinitely.

Therefore, commitment to helping others achieve eternity was a vital component to Egyptian culture, as demonstrated by the gallant boats buried with their rulers. Additionally, an alternate vehicle for entrance to the underworld was the coffin. While king's often used coffins in addition to, or in substitution of the boat belief, everyday citizens had less choice. To compare, while passages by boat directed the deceased to the sun god, Ra, coffins were thought to guide individuals to the sky goddess, Nut. Each coffin was uniquely attributed to the person who rested in it.

In other words, every coffin was subject to a variety of interpretations, all of which were intended to promote the deceased in obtaining eternity. However, not all who died were presented with the opportunity to travel to the underworld. Since the living were obligated to ensure that the deceased could travel to the afterlife, it was also in their control to eliminate one's chance in achieving eternity.

Get e-book Paradise of Dead Souls (A Play)

Therefore, the living had an array of options that prevented a second life to an unworthy individual who had died. As noted in Egyptian texts, this instance was incredibly feared, but happened most often to those who rebelled or disobeyed the king. To the Ancient Egyptians, the judgement of the dead was the process that allowed the Egyptian gods to judge the worthiness of the souls of the deceased. Deeply rooted in the Egyptian belief of immortality, judgement was one of the most important parts of the journey through the afterlife.

As such, many variations of judgement scenes appear in the Egyptian afterlife texts. Each soul that entered the afterlife was handled individually during judgement. Once the deceased finished their journey through the underworld, they arrived at the Hall of Maat.

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Here their purity would be the determining factor in whether they would be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Osiris. The deceased's first task was to correctly address each of the forty-two judges, by name, while reciting the sins they did not commit during their lifetime. After confirming that they were sinless, the deceased was presented with the balance that was used to weight their heart against the feather of Maat. If the deceased's heart balanced with the feather of Maat, Thoth would record the result and they would be presented to Osiris, who admitted them into the Sekhet-Aaru.

However, if their heart was heavier than the feather, it was to be devoured by the Goddess Ammit , permanently destroying the soul of the deceased. There were numerous ways for Egyptians to secure their fate. Many of the actions Egyptian people took after death were to influence the god's decision in allowing for another life. For example, scholars have concluded that ancient Egyptian women were forced to redefine their gender by encompassing more masculine features.

Osiris, who was the ultimate ruler of the underworld, was applauded for his incredible superiority as a result of his virility. Additionally, the overall theme associated with gods connected their male attributes to resurrection, and goddesses were much more vigilant. For disc-based games that are a part of the Back Compat game catalog, insert the disc and the console will begin downloading the game to your hard drive.

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Ironically, his arm which was deemed to never be used again, is reborn as the "Most Powerful Right Arm". An aura of danger seeps from the man who once supported Ryuji, Hayashi Hiroshi, who holds an intense hatred for Kiryu and the Tojo Clan. Hayashi still sees an opportunity for a re-confrontation in Kamurocho. Yakuza Dead Souls follows the format of predecessor Yakuza 4 by having four playable characters. Kazuma Kiryu, the series' main protagonist since the first game, returns, as well as Goro Majima, another series' regular since the first installment. Differing form the rest of the series is that 'Gunshot Battle' will be an additional form of combat besides the usual street brawls.

There are three stages of adventure that continues to take place despite the isolated Kamurocho.

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Additionally, for a complete list of firearms used on the game and which real-life models they are based on, see the game's IMFDB Wiki page. Dark Souls Remastered is a very successful translation of the classic exploration RPG to modern consoles. The Switch has been cementing itself as something of an exploration RPG paradise, with games like Hollow Knight and Salt and Sanctuary offering gorgeous worlds that fit in your hands. Dark Souls is the progenitor that makes those games possible, and the land of Lordran translates well on a portable console.