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On a Saturday morning when Amruta and I were strolling through the unusually crowded and lively market of Leiden, we saw a man in his fifties walking with his wife. I tried to recollect the face. I had seen him somewhere. In fact I had even written a report on him. And then it struck me! Predrag Nikolic!

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It was such a joy to see this famous GM in the flesh. There were five days left for the start of the Leiden Chess Tournament but we had already met an extremely strong chess player on the streets of Leiden.

Predrag Nikolic has beaten almost every elite player including Karpov, Anand, Topalov, Kamsky, you name it, in the past. He and his wife now live in Leiderdorp in Leiden. The 10th Leiden Chess Tournament was held from the 15th to 25th of July There was also a B category tournament for players below the Elo of The schedule of the tournament was excellent with a single round each day and a rest day after five rounds.

The time control was one and a half hour for forty moves, with an addition of thirty minutes, and an increment of 30 seconds from move one. Eight grandmasters and eight International Masters and players from fourteen countries took part in the event. Loek van Wely with his newly born son Nicholas.

The little guy is just six weeks old. King Loek was the favourite to win the tournament. With a rating of , he was the strongest player at the event by quite a margin. Loek came with his wife and his son — it was some sort of a vacation for the family. On the one hand, with complete focus and concentration van Wely could have won the tournament, but on the other it is quite hard to be away from your cute little six week old son!

In spite of all this, things were going quite smoothly for him during the first half. He was on 4. The sixth round was the turning point for van Wely as he lost a complex battle to the eighteen-year-old talented Dutch youngster Thomas Beerdsen. Spoiler alert: Another top Dutch GM is soon to be a father!

In the last round van Wely was up against Roeland Pruijssers. A win would have guaranteed him the first place. However, Pruijssers managed to hold a draw and emerged as the champion with 7. The Champion! Roeland Pruijssers has played the Leiden Open twice — in and , and both times was numero Uno!

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Loek is a many times Dutch champion and has played against all the top players around the world. So, I am quite proud to have made a draw against him in the crucial last round with black. He never really thought that he would win the event, as he had recently decided to stop his professional chess career and start studies in psychology in Utrecht.

However, chess has its own way of rewarding the people who have worked hard in the past: you win when you expect it the least! The Israeli team is going to participate in the Olympiad without its top players, most notably Boris Gelfand. Evgeny Postny above will be representing his country in Baku. He was bogged down by draws in the first four rounds.

Knight Magnus defeats King Loek

He did not have to worry about a draw in the next, though. Loek Van Wely, his opponent is not known for signing a peace treaty with anyone. Having competed with the likes of Kasparov, Karpov and Timman he is hardly daunted by Magnus. In an era obsessed with ratings King Loek still plays with a devil-may-care attitude. Here he was on home turf and the public expected a roaring fight.

The tension reached its peak with Magnus sacrificing a piece and overplaying his hand.

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Unfortunately, Loek was in desperate time trouble, missed his way through complications and lost. In this issue the game is annotated by Igor Stohl.

Here is a critical moment. In the position here Magnus has three pawns for the piece. But his forces are disorganized and the king is in a precarious position. With time running out Loek must have thought he just needed one move to prevent…Qxb2 and also create threats of his own with the rook on the third rank.

So he played Rc3 and there followed a tragic denouement:. Qh4 Qg5 Qb4 Kd7 Qd6 and Rh8. Another hard to see move is 29…g5 Anyway a great game both opponents can be proud of. Here is a clever finish by the winner. The Gibralter event turned out to be a race between Nakamura and Vachier Lagrave and Hikaru could prevail only in the Armageddon game. For once Anand could not get going in this open event players!

This was the greatest upset of the Gibraltar tournament, but for Gledura it was not the first time he had defeated a World Champion. In October he eliminated Anatoly Karpov with in the semi-finals of the rapid Highlander Cup, organised by the Judit Polgar foundation in Budapest. In all, this DVD has recent games of which 93 are annotated in detail.

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The latter won Group B event at Wijk aan Zee and presents two of his games in this issue. This brings me to other sections of the Magazine. There are 12 opening surveys ranging from the English Opening to the French Defence.