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The Schuylkill Butchers have been rustling cattle, robbing stagecoaches, and brutally mutilating the citizens of Sharpesville, Montana. Twenty years ago, Slocum sent the outlaw Durango to prison. Now Slocum has to outwit Durango, before the outlaw from his past puts an end to his future A pistol-packing prairie princess, the legendary outlaw Belle Starr is about to give Slocum the ride of his life.

Major Clayton McGee is hunting for his wife and daughter—and he will never stop. No matter how many people he and his men have to slaughter. And the only one who can stop his murderous rampage is Slocum. When Wimmer is murdered, Slocum learns the old man left him the Bar-S—and a passel of enemies Her name is Bob—short for Roberta—and when her brother gets framed for stealing horses, it falls to her to run their ranch.

But when a no-good deputy wants control of the land, he hurts her bad. When a dirt-broke Slocum finds a strongbox full of cash beside a Texas stream, he thinks his luck might have finally turned. The folks of Westlake live in fear of a so-called witch.

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But when John Slocum meets the exotic Minh, he learns to believe in magic after exploring her hidden charms When a young Mormon wife is kidnapped by an Apache medicine man, John Slocum follows their trail to the Sierra Madres-and encounters a very nasty surprise. A greedy businessman has rallied the law, locals, rustlers, and outlaws to try to get his hands on the land of one of John Slocum's friends.

Big mistake. John Slocum is having a fine time traveling across Indian Territory, until he's knocked out and robbed of a pocket full of poker winnings, his gun, and his horse. They shot him during an alleged escape. Around the time of Segovia's death, the Regulator "iron clad" gained a new member, a young Texas cowpoke named Tom O'Folliard , who soon became Bonney's closest friend.

A large confrontation between the two forces took place on the afternoon of July 15, , when the Regulators were surrounded in Lincoln in two different positions; the McSween house and the Ellis store. About 20 Mexican Regulators, led by Josefita Chavez, were also positioned around town. Over the next three days, the men exchanged shots and shouts.

Tom Cullens, one of the McSween house defenders, was killed by a stray bullet. Around this time, Henry Brown, George Coe, and Joe Smith slipped out of the McSween house to the Tunstall store, where they chased two Dolan men into an outhouse with rifle fire and forced them to dive into the bottom to escape. When these troops pointed cannons at the Ellis store and other positions, Billy the Kid, Doc Scurlock and his men broke from their positions, as did Chavez's cowboys, leaving those left in the McSween house to their fate.

On the afternoon of July 19, Murphy-Dolan faction set the house afire. As the flames spread and night fell, Susan McSween and the other woman and five children were granted safe passage out of the house, while the men inside continued to fight the fire. Billy the Kid and Jim French assessed their situation, and figured out a way to escape by using pistol fire as cover and escaping. Some troopers moved into the back yard to take those left into custody when a close-quarters gunfight erupted. Three other Mexican Regulators got away in the confusion, to rendezvous with the "iron clad" members yards away.

The Lincoln County War accomplished little other than to foster distrust and animosity in the area. The surviving Regulators, most notably Billy the Kid, continued as fugitives. Gradually, his fellow gunmen scattered to their various fates.

Billy rode with Bowdre, O'Folliard, Dave Rudabaugh , and a few other friends, with whom he rustled cattle and committed other crimes. The three men were buried at Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Murphy died of cancer on October 20, , around the age of Susan McSween hired attorney Huston Chapman to pursue charges against Dolan and others, in addition to working toward amnesty for the Regulators. That murder also was attributed to Dolan, though his involvement was never proven. Dolan was indicted for the murder of Tunstall, but was acquitted.

By the mids her ranch holdings were some of the largest in the territory. She died a wealthy woman on January 3, , aged From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billy the Kid is the most remembered gunfighter of the Lincoln County War. Lincoln County , New Mexico Territory.

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