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Something loose knit and yet not slovenly, so elastic that it will embrace anything, solemn, slight or beautiful that comes into my mind. Creativity increases creativity and writing leads to more writing. Another benefit to journaling, also known as expressive writing writing without regard for conventions is that it promotes mental and physical health. Numerous studies found connections between journaling and physical and mental health. Journal writing is one way we put ourselves together or back together in the midst of trauma or stress or depression.

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On the occasions I find myself re-reading my old journals, what stands out more than the idealistic and angsty ramblings of a college student are the difficult times, the times I wrote my way through a broken soul. Journaling is one way we can reflect on and release what needs to be removed from our lives. Often the minutiae and monotony of life can distract us from seeing the good. Without needing to understand or explain every circumstance, journaling can allow us to sit in our situations and attend to our minds and spirits where they are.

While these are just three benefits of journaling and there may be more , I have only one rule in journaling: there are no rules. Some people like to start their day with journaling and laying out their goals.

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Others might want to end the day with a reflective journal entry. The only objective is to write.

Journaling benefits

Write what you know. Write what you think. Write what you feel. Write for yourself, and that will be enough.

trying to journal with limited supplies ✂️

Yes, I know the bullet journals on Instagram are pretty. There are many pretty things on the Internet Cakes! Makeup tutorials! Upcycled toddler dresses! So by all means, buy yourself a nice faux-alligator skin journal if that's your thing. You can start by writing one sentence every day. Heck, you can start by writing one word every day. If it's helpful to you, buy a journal that already has a clear, labelled slot for writing every day, so you don't even have to bother writing down the date you can even find one with daily writing prompts if that's your jam.

The next time you pause to write a to-do list or a tweet or to check your email, take ten extra seconds to jot down one single thought you've had so far today on a post-it note. Journaling is just that but a lot more of it. If you're having trouble with a paper and ink journal, you can start a blog.

Many blogging sites will allow you to set your page to be accessed by a password, so you don't even have to share it with the world. You can also get together a group of friends and start an online group or email chain to share weekly or monthly life updates. Just exercise a little caution here: make sure that whatever friends you're involving want to be part of a frequent info-dump. And make sure that any new groups you join are well-moderated and welcoming to personal life stories.

Jour: A Guided Journaling App for the iPhone

Also, be very certain that you're always posting private thoughts to the appropriate closed group, and not to your aunt's timeline. If you go the traditional journal route, pick one that you really like. That sounds obvious, but too often we feel obligated to write in journals that were gifted to us by well-meaning relatives.

You don't have to use that blank flower-and-puppy diary you own unless you genuinely enjoy flowers and puppies. Pick out something that you think is cool or pretty, decorate it yourself, buy a nice pen, and feel free to journal in public so that people think you're mysterious and interesting.

How My Journal Saved My Life — and Still Does - See Change Studio

Look, I'm generally against setting timers and reminders for things you enjoy, because that's a great way for pleasant distractions to turn into overwhelming chores. But if you're the kind of person who thrives on structure and schedules, then set a literal alarm or timer or reminder to carve out five to ten minutes a day for journaling. Just be sure not to beat yourself up if you skip it sometimes. Sure, it's easy to say things like "I will journal every morning before I leave the house" or "I will journal every night before bed. Bring the actual dang thing with you, and try to jot down a few thoughts while stuck in line, or on the bus, or waiting for the dentist, or whenever else you have awkward gaps of time throughout the day.

I mean, fine, if what you really want is to keep a beautiful, hand drawn calendar of all the things you have to do and the money you spend, that's all well and good.

How to journal

But if what you want is to keep a journal that records all your thoughts and feelings and screenplay pitches, don't get hung up on writing out your daily schedule in your journal. Keep it separate from your planner or your Google calendar. One is for scheduling, the other is for free-form expression. You also don't have to write about your thoughts and feelings. You don't have to write about what you did that day. You can fill your journal with doodles and day dreams about being married to Jason Momoa. The point is to take a moment to write or draw and unwind, not to meticulously record every last thing that happens to you.