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Calypso David Sedaris. But what to do with the legacy of Dr. It seems like almost every town has a MLK Boulevard, at the very least. Should all those roads be re-named? Exactly, littleboybrew.

However, the ideas are more important than the person within reason. You are perfectly right. It is hard to believe.

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Wikiquote

My initial emotional response is to hope that someone shows that the FBI somehow fabricated the tapes specifically to destroy King. I mean it is difficult to believe in the same sense that it can be difficult to believe it when you hear that someone has suddenly died. The evidence must be there, so you know it must be true, but your mind irrationally keeps hoping for some other explanation. A great man, but with some sinister skeletons in his cupboard or mirroring: an evil man with some definite greatness. Reminds me of Mr Krauss, or -to a lesser degree- of Mr Einstein. I would bet a LOT of powerful men who are historical figures with admirable qualities, also were horrible in their treatment of women.

You have to go to comment 19 by blue in that link. But her point is generally well worth the decoding effort. I must say that I already knew some of this from many years ago while still in school. I happened to take some law classes in 72 or 73 and the teacher was a lawyer who had been an FBI agent earlier before law school. Certainly he did not go into great detail on this but he made it very clear that King was one very strange guy. I think that many others knew some of this as well, from rumors and talk that came out concerning the FBI.

But I was getting it from one who knew and had direct knowledge of this. He was a deeply flawed person, there is no doubt about that. As I recall so many years ago, the word rape was not part of the information. Orgies and drunken wild parties was part of the story.

He was never arrested or convicted of it. This is a very painful report, assuming it is true, which for the moment at least, I will accept. At the Bulwark site a conservative site run by a never Trumper, Charles Sykes is a post by historian Ron Radosh, who started out as an American Communist and over the years drifted to the right. He rejected the use of guns in the fight against the oppressors, especially the police.

Because of this, the more radical groups were not fond of King and called him the Uncle Tom of the movement. Let me not mince words. They should be condemned. Does it mean we have to ignore what he said in his powerful sermons and writings? Our leaders are human. King was deeply flawed in his view of women and his sexual proclivities. There are times that all of us know somehow that there is a Mr. Hyde and a Dr. Jekyll in us. But King is yet another reminder that good men can do bad things, and even bad men can sometimes accomplish great goods.

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How do we balance those ledgers in a final accounting? And there are no neat or obvious answers. King is an example of how some people are morally reprehensible in their private lives, but do good things publicly. Then there are those morally reprehensible privately and publicly. Donald Trump will be hard to match in this regard. From the point of view of history, people need to be judged by their public acts.

It's not just 'I have a dream.' The radical left also is part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy

After all, that is what affects millions. People who work in the public sphere should never be viewed as saints. This will prevent a lot of disappointment. Judge them by their public acts. Let their families and possibly the criminal justice system deal with their private transgressions.

As Radosh points out, there are no easy answers. But this is mine. And Jerry has treated what is a very painful topic excellently too. I also have similar feelings to Jerry in relation to Ghandi.