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Synopsis About this title Aiden Jones is horrified when a young woman gets his long-awaited promotion because corporate is fast-tracking female college graduates to fill some kind of gender quota in the company. About the Author : Max Sebastian is a writer, author and occasional journalist who lives in London with his wife and child.

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Buy New Learn more about this copy. The recent explosion of chastity key-holding, strapon sissification, and prostate orgasim "training" from the taboo into the mainstream of society are tools to compliment their powers of sexual seduction to TAKE what they want mentally, and even physically. That would be the best way to find someone in your area! Good Luck!

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I am also poor in english and I am not a author so please excuse for my eror. There all men are slave and women are rulers.

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But with out food and job its not run long time so I think I give jobs to female villegers in my company………….. Its just my thinking or fantacy but it will be truth when rich femdom lovers finance to make that or make a organisation to collect fund to establish femdom village……last thing we need to establish a strong femdom organisation.. Once upon a time in India a rich man name Aditya Roy married poor girl name Madhabi. But her husband refuse her to accept as her wife because he think that Madhavi lost her virginity by rubber.

She sat under a big tree and crying that time a old man name Kali Charan came to her and asked her why shy crying but she did not reply him the old man asked her again this time Madhuri reply,told him the full story. Old man call Madhuri as Mother and took her his hut then Madhuri know that Kali Charan is a leader of rubber gang.. Kali Charan trained Madhuri how how to fight with bambo and sword and make her gang leader of rubbers….

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I was brought up in a conservative family and I was always very shy to express myself. My body always urged for a touch of love and I was attracted to many males and females since puberty. My body type is athletic; I have been into cross training since last 3 years. I had a boyfriend back in school to whom I lost my virginity on my 17th birthday. We parted away when he went abroad for studies.

I never had another relationship since then. I was good at studies and landed on Job through campus recruitment.

I work in an MNC, joined in as a trainee. I love my Job. I was promoted as HR and had to shift to our Mumbai branch 4 years back. I was allotted a 2 BHK apartment and I loved my new home.

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Clubbing was not my cup of tea, never liked parties and discos. I joined a GYM, met a group of fitness conscious people, we organize outdoor activities every month. This was my only activity out of work hours. I love taking pictures of birds, cats, and nature. Two years back on a rainy evening, while sitting in my room browsing some random stuff on my laptop I heard something pecking on my window. I turned and saw two sparrows. I took out my camera and went near the window but those just flew away towards the opposite building.

I sat there and started searching the streets through my camera lens to try some night shots. While I was moving the camera on the tripod which was facing the apartment opposite to mine, which was separated by a two-way road, I saw something which passed a current through my body, something that eventually walked me through the most horrifying and humiliating phase in my life. While moving the camera, which glanced through the windows of the opposite apartment.

I saw the inside of a room through the open window, two men passionately kissing each other. I felt a jerk and moved back and thought.

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  • It was too long ever since I have been touched or have been into sex. I felt uneasy and I wanted to peek in more, just before I knew I ended moving towards my camera. I had a shiver as I never saw a gay act before. I closed my curtains and jumped to my bed.

    I closed my eyes and just wanted to sleep, something happened to me and before I knew I was wet underneath. I was only worried if the windows were open and luckily as it was monsoon the window was open. I switched off the lights in my room and sat waiting in hope to see them again, meanwhile, the rain had started. I was not disappointed, a little while I saw the same two guys entering the room. They started to undress. One was dressed formally in a suit and the other was in a T-shirt and Cargo.

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    In a sec, they were completely nude. There were no hairs on their body.

    The Slave and His Mistress (BDSM FemDom content)

    I was both excited and surprised to see the passion and thirst between the two. After a moment of passionate kisses, they exchanged blowjob to each other.

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    They broke the act and one of them went out of my visible point. It was just 5 minutes before I saw him back with a tray of two glass and a bottle of wine, it also had some white packets on the tray. They both drank and kissed each other, I assume they exchanged their drinks through their mouth. One of them stood and said something to the other one and in response, He turned his ass towards the other guy. Now the second guy took something from the tray it was a tube, gel I guess. He applied it on his male organ and started to caress it.

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    Both of them was enjoying the thrust, landing occasional slaps on his ass cheeks. I was turned on by the whole act. I removed my Tank top, I was caressing my boobs over my bra. I could feel my nipples and it was hard and protruding at its peak. After a while, the places were exchanged. Both of them were sweating and I was also wet by then and almost into orgasm. Their body shined and reflected the lights. I closed my eyes and desired someone to feel me. I put my finger between my legs. In between slipped into sleep. I woke to see myself slept on the ground adjacent to my tripod.

    I feel mistress' leg rubbing against mine and I sigh of comfort. That is until she takes her heel and gently presses it into my crotch. I grab the table and bite my lip, trying not to scream out right as the waitress comes back with our drinks. I nod a thank you then mistress presses a bit harder into my already growing erection. The friction makes me moan and I try to keep it quiet with little success.

    That feels so good ugh mis-Kacey please don't stop! Then it stops. I whimper at the loss and smell smiles innocently. The food comes a while later and I'm sweating due to the denied release and she calmly eats her food, watching me with amusement written all over her face. After we finish eating, she hands me a paper and pen. The paper says the conditions and things I will follow as her slave and pet see media for contract used in this story.

    After reading it and agreeing to every one, I sign it. Then she does. And now I am hers. We leave the restaurant and head home, excited for what's gonna happen next.