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Gasps abound when the cast list is posted, and rightfully so. Not only does Nini beat out new-girl Gina Sofia Wylie for the role of Gabriella, but Ricky also manages to land the part of Troy, much to the dismay of E.

So I asked people at my highschool to do ASMR...

The other way would have been a straight-up reboot, or a fourth movie. And I love the original songs. Did you specifically want them to feel separate from the rest of the show, stylistically? We do a variety of different musical conceits. Later in the season, we have a full fantasy number, which features a cameo from an original cast member. But we also have super grounded songs. I think there will be some Team Ricky and Team E. But beyond the premiere, E.

What these businesses can add is the practical application of the content. At Firefly, about students have opened accounts since the on-campus branch opened a year ago, said Martin J. Kelly, its senior vice president for marketing. That link to real-world work is one of the things Burnsville leaders prioritized when they reworked their school two years ago.

Schools fret as teens take to vaping, even in classrooms

In a swirl of community meetings and surveys, families said they wanted good rigorous classes, but with more real-world, career-oriented planning and experience. The money allowed Burnsville High to add , square feet of space to its building, decked out with state-of-the-art equipment and flexible classroom spaces.

Re-envisioning the course catalog and career pathways were part of that project. The high school has commissioned an independent, seven-year evaluation of its pathways work. That project is only in its second year, but preliminary results show a mixed bag.

Mind-Blowing Lessons From a High School English Teacher

Four in 10 students report that the approach helps them focus better on career ideas. As the pathways approach develops, it generates questions for students that can be as valuable as the answers. Sundus Farah, a junior, is taking classes to earn her credential as a certified nursing assistant, but that might be just her first step. Sundus harbors a passion for ophthalmology, and might want to go on to medical school.

She wants to avoid those mistakes.

Emma Hovde found clarity in a 9th grade introduction-to-programming course: She hated it. But she found her calling in a marketing class that same year. Now in 10th grade, Emma lights up as she talks about her plans for a career in business or finance. Back to Top. Email Password.

Wait, What? From High School Dropout to President and Founder with Taso Du Val | Future of Sourcing

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Send me Education Week e-newsletters. Stop cobbling together your EdTech. Can self-efficacy impact growth for ELLs? Disruptive Tech Integration for Meaningful Learning. Some schools have been inundated by the Juul, which dispenses a flavored vapor containing higher concentrations of nicotine than tobacco cigarettes.

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Its website aims to block underage customers, and the company says it supports legislation to raise the minimum age for vaping products to 21 nationwide. In an April 18 letter to the FDA, a coalition of medical and health groups called for a suspension of online sales until authorities create stronger rules against underage sales.

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Similar measures have been backed by school leaders including Keuther, who oversees 1, students south of Boston. Many schools are pushing back with education campaigns against vaping. Health and gym classes feature new lessons on potential risks. Teachers are being trained on what to look for. Schools are producing online videos on the dangers of e-cigarettes. At some schools, vaping penalties have been raised to an automatic suspension. Several in New Jersey now require drug tests for offenders, partly because vapes can dispense marijuana.

Teen vaping decreased for the first time in after rapidly rising for years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.