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After a while, the vernacular kind of just seeps into your bones. David Bruns says October 2, Ha! Where do you come up with them? John Hamilton says October 2, I picked up some colorful language as a kid from my grandfather, who was an actual cowboy in the early s, working a cattle ranch in Nebraska.

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There were succulent roasted mescal hearts, cactus strawberries, and jojoba nuts; slow-cooked stews and juniper berries and hard but healthful winter breads. Virginia Smith read accounts of these things in Desert and was fascinated whenever Marshal South would come to Julian, where she lived with her parents. Although his father Bill spent long hours talking to Marshal, Buzz apparently found the Souths so bizarre as to be repulsive.

That type of thing. And he just went crazy! Even under the best of conditions, the family presented townspeople with a bizarre spectacle. A gay bit of heavy woven stuff, in designs of red, yellow and blue, for the uppers. Another woman who owned the Julian building supply store recalls pitying Tanya. So very untidy. Her hair was untidy.

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Ray says Marshal several times dropped in his office at the Julian High School, just to chat with an understanding soul. I remember our conversations were very pleasant. In my book he was peculiar. He was different. Shall we say he was a hippie before his time. They were nudists. One person who clarifies this apparent contradiction is Grace Crawford, who moved to the desert with her family just two years after Marshal and Tanya and who met them through mutual friends.

Crawford, a woman with the appearance and mental acuity of someone decades younger than her 90s, lives today in Hillcrest, where she recalled her first invitation to Yaquitepec.

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I was just joking! You can wear all the clothes you want. She thought his thick English accent was a bit comical in one who so obviously aspired to be Indian, and though he was pleasant enough. Tanya, though, she liked very much. We saw things alike. A very bright and well-educated woman. She was a person who could adapt herself to anything. In a letter written to friends in Altadena in December of , Tanya certainly sounded upbeat.

We had such a happy, merry Christmas. Some of our friends, neighboring cattle people, arrived loaded with stuff And of course, our tree is really beautiful. You must excuse him for not writing. You cannot imagine the amount of work he has to do. The writing— and so much of it right now! Tanya added monthly writing duties to her own list of chores in the late spring of , when she began contributing poems that ran in conjunction with each "Desert Refuge" feature.

Another omen, perhaps, was a defensive note that seemed to sound more and more frequently in In May, for instance, he mentioned that a friend in the city had asked him if he was really happy living out in the desert. Transportation strikes, for instance. And newspaper scare heads.

The History of The Marshall House Hotel

And jazz. And nervous prostration. And to that I had to say no I had found Happiness and Opportunity Those readers who also subscribed to the San Diego Union must have been no less than dumbfounded, therefore, by the story that appeared on its pages November 14, Mundo in divorce court as she sought support and custody of three children.

Ghost Mountain and the ruins of the Marshal South house

Other Desert readers absorbed the blow two months later, in a column written by Randall Henderson. That explanation omitted so much that it verged on falsehood. As half the town of Julian was aware.

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Marshal had fallen in love with another woman. Some people were scandalized as the celebrated scribe of Yaquitepec left his wife and children on the mountain for long stretches of time in order to be closer to his inamorata in Julian. And Tanya was furious. But her daughter Jeri has strong convictions about the relationship. And Jeri says there are few subjects she would rather discuss more than Marshal South. We were buddies for a long, long time Lovingly, Jeri shows off old photos of Marshal.

One taken years before Ghost Mountain reveals a thin, sensitive-looking man who could have been an early British film star. In most of the shots he wears a solitary earring, usually far more elaborate than his few scraps of clothing. Except for being as thin as a teenager, he bears a strong resemblance to Ricardo Montalban in The Wrath of Khan. It might have been at the Cozy Lunch, the restaurant owned by her parents through about Or it may have been at the town library, where Jeri served as the librarian from the time she was in seventh grade all through high school.

Upon being graduated in , Jeri moved to San Diego and turned the library job over to her mother, who continued to hold it until she retired in Mother was very dignified and reserved. But there was a kinship between them Myrtle was naturally honored and moved by them, her daughter says, but never to the point of being tempted to cheat on her husband. You know, you can get very bored and absolutely sick of someone worshipping you 24 hours a day!

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Jeri still cherishes a long, clever birthday poem, by turns playful and sentimental, written by Marshal to her grandmother. Even Louis Botts "thought Marshal was marvelous because of his education," Jeri says. She claims that county welfare officers visited Tanya up on Ghost Mountain and filled her head with promises of the better life she could have in the city, with public assistance.

I think she had no problem until the welfare department started telling her how bad off she was. My wife was originally a city girl.

Finding the Real Marshal South

She has no love for the country And my wife has never accepted wholeheartedly my ideas. She has always complied unwillingly. She is now almost She will find it very hard to get stenographic positions If the ranch is awarded to her, without any proviso, someone will very likely talk her out of it The divorce case was heard early in He was 61 years old, penniless, suddenly stripped of his regular income. He settled into the Julian Library, sleeping on a little cot and using the attached bathroom.

They thought it was terrible and all. At the library, Marshal not only acted as janitor but also left his artistic mark, painting an elaborate frieze that wrapped around the four walls of the large room.

In fact, it still ornaments the Julian Realty, which now occupies the former library building at Main Street. In April of , Marshal also began writing once again for Desert Magazine , contributing a gushy profile of the Mushets and their Banner Queen ranch. When I first came to the desert Little by little Distribution rights for the film were recently acquired by IFC Midnight and the movie is expected to open in February.

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