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All's full of man ; and at this dreadful turn, The swarm shall issue, and the hive shall burn. If anger boil, let anger be my praise, And sin the graceful indignation raise.

Night Thoughts: The Story of Edward Young

My love be warm to succour the distress'd, And lift the burden from the soul oppress'd. Nay who dare shine, if not in virtue's cause? That sole proprietor of just applause. Ye restless men, who pant for letter'd praise, With whom would you consult to gain the bays? Could I offend if I had never been? But still increas'd the senseless, happy mass, Flow'd in the stream, or shiver' d in the grass?

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Father of mercies! Tear me from quiet, ravish me from night, And make a thankless present of Thy light? Push into being a reverse of Thee, And animate a clod with misery We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant. Get A Copy. More Details Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Poetical Works of Edward Young, Volume 2 (Hardcover)

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  • All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Questions as to the "sincerity" of the poet did arise in the years after his death. The publication of fawning letters from Young seeking preferment led many readers to question the poet's sincerity. In a famous essay, Worldliness and Other-Worldliness , George Eliot discussed his "radical insincerity as a poetic artist.

    Madame Klopstock thought the king ought to make him Archbishop of Canterbury , and some German critics preferred him to John Milton. Young's essay, Conjectures on Original Composition , was popular and influential on the continent, especially among Germans, as a testament advocating originality over neoclassical imitation. Young wrote good blank verse, and Samuel Johnson pronounced Night-Thoughts to be one of "the few poems" in which blank verse could not be changed for rhyme but with disadvantage.

    The poetical works of Edward Young, Volume 2

    The poem was a poetic treatment of sublimity and had a profound influence on the young Edmund Burke , whose philosophic investigations and writings on the Sublime and the Beautiful were a pivotal turn in 18th-century aesthetic theory. Young's masterpiece Night-Thoughts emerged from obscurity by being mentioned in Edmund Blunden 's World War One memoir, Undertones of War , as a source of comfort during time in the trenches. This latter work emerged from the darkness of the more recent past thanks to its mention and discussion in Paul Fussell 's The Great War and Modern Memory , which discussed Blunden's reliance on Night-Thoughts.

    Blunden's mention of Young's poem reintroduced an interesting, sometimes bombastic precursor to the early Romantics to students of English literature. Samuel Richardson in a letter to bookseller Andrew Millar discussed a new edition of Young's poem, Night-Thoughts , which was already very popular, and which would become one of the most frequently-printed poems of the eighteenth century. William Hutchinson included a gloss on Night-Thoughts in his series of lectures The Spirit of Masonry , underlining the masonic symbolism of the text. The young Goethe told his sister in that he was learning English from Young and Milton, and in his autobiography he confessed that Young's influence had created the atmosphere in which there was such a universal response to his seminal work The Sorrows of Young Werther.

    Young's name soon became a battle-cry for the young men of the Sturm und Drang movement. Young himself reinforced his reputation as a pioneer of romanticism by precept as well as by example; in , at the age of 76, he published a piece of critical prose under the title of Conjectures on Original Composition which put forward the vital doctrine of the superiority of "genius," of innate originality being more valuable than classic indoctrination or imitation, and suggested that modern writers might dare to rival or even surpass the "ancients" of Greece and Rome … The Conjectures was a declaration of independence against the tyranny of classicism and was at once acclaimed as such becoming a milestone in the history of English, and European, literary criticism.

    It was immediately translated into German at Leipzig and at Hamburg and was widely and favourably reviewed.

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    Young was nearly fifty when he decided to take holy orders. It was reported that the author of Night-Thoughts was not, in his earlier days, "the ornament to religion and morality which he afterwards became", and his friendships with the Duke of Wharton and with Dodington did not improve his reputation. A statement attributed to Alexander Pope is that: "He had much of a sublime genius, though without common sense; so that his genius, having no guide, was perpetually liable to degenerate into bombast.

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    This made him pass a foolish youth, the sport of peers and poets; but his having a very good heart enabled him to support the clerical character when he assumed it, first with decency and afterwards with honour" O Ruffhead, Life of A. Pope , p. The Poetical Works of the Rev.

    Edward Young From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Edward Young, see Edward Young disambiguation. English poet. This article has multiple issues.