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Beauty comes at a price; so too does freedom. Stylist: Your guide to 's best science fiction and fantasy books by women, selection Buy at Local Store. Enter your zip code below to purchase from an indie close to you. Charlotte Fenchurch knows that, which is why she's not that surprised when a very special book of magic falls into her hands at the library where she works.

As a fledgling witch, owning her own grimoire is a dream come true.

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Leopard shifter Walker Black knows what's odd about the book. Marcy Lewis is cursed, honestly and truly, which makes dating very interesting. That is, until the new firefighter arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Everlasting. Meteorologist Zoe Parker put Everlasting in her rearview mirror as soon as she had her college degree in hand. But when Sapphire, her eccentric great-aunt, takes a tumble down the stairs in her lighthouse home, Zoe returns to the tiny fishing hamlet to look after her.

Zoe has barely crossed the county line when strange things start happening with the weather, and she discovers Sapphire's fall was no accident. Someone is searching the lighthouse, but Sapphire has no idea what they're looking for. As a centaur, Deputy Jake Majoy Deputy March is immortal and has seen and done a lot in his years; enough to know Everlasting feels like home.

But the pull he feels to the woman is anything but part of the job. Days filled with white sand, turquoise water, and fruity drinks are the only thing on the agenda. Jolene Bails may come off as a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense kind of woman, but underneath it all, she has a softer side. Now that she has a Secret Santa who seems to know her well, she finds herself opening to the idea of wanting more from life.

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But first, she has to figure out who is leaving her mysterious gifts and why it is Wil, her old flame, is acting so strange. So when someone kills him, there is no shortage of suspects.

Unfortunately, Ally is at the top of the list. Sinful, Louisiana, really knows how to throw a party, and it goes all out for Halloween. The weeklong celebration kicks off with a maze of horror in the park built of hay bales.

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And Fortune has the perfect assignment - the executioner. Her scene comes complete with a head block, a hatchet, and a fake body with removable head. When Fortune returns from break and realizes the body in her scene is a real one and not the prop, she knows trouble is coming. Cat-shifter Curt Warrick doesn't want to take a road trip with five other guys, but when his best friend leaves him no choice, he finds himself in a van headed to Louisiana. There is a bright side: The trip will give him a chance to expand his enterprise. Missi Mississippi Peugeot hates rich men who think they can throw money around to get what they want.

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When a flashy, yet fetching, stranger shows up in a van announcing he's looking to buy property and begin developing the town, she speaks out of anger and accidentally puts a curse on Curt. Sigmund Bails ran from his past straight to a supernatural Louisiana town after coming into his shifting abilities later than most, to dire consequences. With help from the colorful locals, the were-kraken has been working hard to gain some semblance of control.

Unfortunately, the dead bodies turning up around tiny Hedgewitch Cove seem to point to the fact his kraken side is running wild again. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

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No one knows this as well as raven shifter Deacon Evermore, who, like everyone in his family, has a curse. He stays for his family but doubts he can last much longer. Vampire Constantin Thibodeaux was cured of his sun "allergy" when he moved to Shadowvale. Now he runs the local bookstore, which is really just a sideline to filling his own library. Books, unlike people, are far more forgiving of his prickly nature.

He is who he is. Jadyn St. James hopes that the two-week quiet period in Mudbug means things in the small bayou town are back to normal - whatever that is. But when a fisherman finds a sunken shrimp boat, and the boat captain is missing, Jadyn wonders if the damage to the boat was caused by a storm, or if something far more nefarious happened. Performing, lighting is good, especially in the background of mountains, the lighting effect of mountains is particularly amazing. Long hatred lasts forever.

In heaven, it is a bird with wings, in the earth, it is a branch with branches. Really add chicken legs to the scene designers and actors. It's so beautiful that it explodes. Lishan is the background, modern technology is the assistant, actors are the soul, and epic masterpieces. Top currencies. Search Bookings.

App Download the App for Free. Business Hours Single show: ; double shows: the first , the second For specific information, please refer to the announcement of the scenic spot. Address No. By means of mountain and river scenes, classic music and dance, narrative poem, high-tech lighting, acoustics and special effects, "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" gives the audience a chance to travel back in time to appreciate the love that happened at the foot of Lishan Mountain and the bank of Huaqing pool years ago, and experience the culture of the flourishing Tang Dynasty.

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Reviews Write a Review. Located Nearby Attractions. Huaqing Yutang Hot Spring 4. Hot Spring. Huaqing Pool 4. Historical Site Spring. Furong Garden 4. Changan Li. Dawancheng 4. Fengxi Pofuyu 4.

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Zhenai Lishan Daqin Xiaoyan Restaurant 4. Lihua Hostel. Fulin Hotel. You Might Also Like. Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum 4.

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Fortifications of Xi'an 4. Historical Site. Shaanxi History Museum 4.