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Last edited: 37 minutes ago. Dannyalcatraz Moderator Staff member. My book shelves are 3 feet long per section, and I have 12 sections filled up, plus three more boxes filled up and heavy enough that it requires two people to carry them safely. Not just 3E. Last edited: Dec 10, The books that you have on on shelves at home. Olaf the Stout Adventurer. I have 44 3. I have the Rules Compendium and Exemplars of Evil on my wish list for 3. There are about 10 other WotC 3.

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On top of that I have about 55 3rd Party books for 3. I'm at the stage now where I'll probably have to eBay at least half a dozen of my hardcover books before I buy any more. Olaf the Stout.

Claudius Gaius Visitor. What a question A couple of minutes with a tape measure tells me 78 linear feet of shelf space, four filing cabinet drawers, and an assortment of piles and boxes, plus all the. Of course that is thirty years worth and every game system I own: the 3. Perhaps fortunately, most of the 3. Once in a while a psionics book or sourcebook with advanced technology equipment lists, but that isn't usually necessary: most of the players use Dweomer or Witchcraft from Eclipse if they want a Psychic and you rarely need equipment lists after you set up the characters.

Voadam said:. Do pdf bookshelves count? Robert Ranting Visitor. The following list is just of the physical books I possess. WotC 3. Pants Visitor. WotC: PHB3. Updated a little. Dannyalcatraz said:.

I've got you edged-out. And that is after I purged a lot of stuff at Half-Price Books